Your Tandemskydive with GoJump Oceanside

Easy Training for a great Experience

Be ready to say Goodbye to a perfectly good airplane. Strapped to an Instructor with thousands of Jumps you will exit our most modern turbine Aircraft in 13.000ft. After Exit you will enjoy a spectacular freefall for almost 1 minute towards Mother Earth before your parachute will open in a safe altitude. Remember all your Freefall with us has 100% Oceanview all the way down. After opening your Tandempilot will glide with you under the most beautiful Canopy back to the Airport in approx. 7-10 minutes. You will land again at the same place where we started at Oceanside Airport in a nice, green meadow. Important: There is no prior Experience needed for your first Tandem Skydive - everybody is welcome to join!

Your Training before the Skydive

Easy to learn with lots of Fun

Short – clear and very easy to learn. Within a few minutes you will be trained and prepared for your first Jump by our Tandeminstructors on the Ground. No worries. You dont need to learn much. A good position for Freefall and how to hold your legs for the final parachute landing – thats about all you need to know. The rest ist just pure Fun. After the Jump you will receive our new comic book "2 much fun" which is also going to be signed by your Tandempilot so it becomes your personal Certificate. This is to proof that you have sucessfully launched from a perfectly good aircraft. Please plan approx. 2 hours time for the whole Experience.

Important for your Tandemskydive

No prior Experience needed for your Skydive

There is no prior Experience required to Tandem Skydive. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in a Jump and your weight should not exceed 250 lbs. 230 lbs and up we charge $20 extra. Please make sure you book a Video package from your Jump for most spectacular results on your Facebook page ;-)