Our modern Skydive Equipment

We have the most State of the Art Equipment

All our Skydive Equipment for the Tandem Jumps are the most state of the art in the industry. UPT Sigma containers are the most advanced ones available and have the best safety features built in. Proven over many years and hundred thousands of jumps all over the World. All our equipment also use a reserve parachute just in case there would be a problem with the main chute. On top of that we have equipped every single Tandem container with an automatic opening device that could open the reserve parachute independently from the Tandemmaster just in case that should ever be needed.

Our most experienced Tandem Instructors

You fly with some of the Experienced ones in the business

All our Tandeminstructors have been jumping for many, many years and have thousands of jumps on their belts. Relax and enjoy your experience - you are in good hands with GoJump Oceanside. Feel free to ask your tandemmaster about some interesting stories to tell about Skydiving too - he is more than happy to do so. We have spanish speaking Instructors available too.