Peggy and Mike Vetter

The owners have more than 12.000 jumps together

Mike Vetter and his wife Peggy moved from Berlin/Germany to California. They have been in the Sport for 30 years and accumulate more than 12.000 jumps together. Mike´s life was related to Skydiving since he was a boy of 5 years old watching the parachutes came down. After he turned 17 he started his first jump course a week later and has been jumping ever since. He was in the swiss national skydive team for more than 10 years, won 12 national championships and has attended the world championships 6 times. Peggy has been in the sport for 8 years as a freeflyer before they met on a dropzone where they both worked. They have 4 sons (1,6,8 and 15 years old) and also used to own the biggest skydive operation in Berlin/Germany.