Welcome to GoJump Oceanside

The only Tandemskydive in Southern California with a full view of the Pacific Ocean

Feel the breeze at GoJump Oceanside! Let us take you on an incredible journey for your first Tandem Skydive in Oceanside, California. We are the only Skydive Center in Southern California where you will have a full ocean view during your entire freefall. Only a mile away from the shore in Oceanside, you find us perfectly centered in between San Diego and Los Angeles.

It´s a wonderful experience - once you have tasted it you will look back up in the sky as you have fallen in love for the first time.

Welcome to GoJump Oceanside.



Tandem Skydive with GoJump Oceanside

Our lovely Skydive Center is right at the Pacific Ocean in the City of Oceanside. You can easily reach us either from the Los Angeles or the San Diego metropolitan area thru Highway 5 and Highway 15. Turn off on Highway 76 east and follow the road 1 Mile where you find us on the left side. We are only a 30 minutes drive from San Diego downtown and an hour drive from Anaheim.

Our dropzone is one of the most scenic ones and the only one in Southern California right at the Pacific Ocean. You will have full Ocean view during your entire freefall from 13.000ft. Besides your Skydive Adventure you and your Family can choose from all the great opportunities the Oceanside and Carlsbad area has to offer like the endless beaches and many fine restaurants. Or how about a trip to Legoland with your kids after your skydive with us?

Easy directions to GoJump Oceanside

Full Ocean View and a fantastic Adventure

It is breath taking! Up in 13.000ft it is only you and the Wind - take a last brief view of the Aircraft and off you GO! There is no time for your own Fear - it is challenging but be brave and enjoy. Book your Tandemjump now with Southern Californias only Skydive Center right at the Pacific Ocean and live up to your dreams - you will have a great experience for life.

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